Welcome to the Adventure Quilt quilt-along.... a Road Trip quilt!

Adventure Quilt Quilt-Along with Kate and Tammy


 The Adventure Quilt ... A Road Trip Quilt is a collaboration between myself and the the talented Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis. We are so excited to offer this new quilt as a Quilt Along!

The Quilt Along will start on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 with Block #1.

To get the party started, we will be posting a schedule on Wednesday January 9th. 

Then we will be posting an image of the quilt and fabric amounts on Wednesday January 16th. There might even be an Instagram giveaway posted that day! I will post details here as well as in that days' blog post.



Here is some basic information.

1. The Quilt Along is for 12 weeks. There are 10 blocks, one a week for 10 weeks. Week 11 will be filler blocks and the last week is the setting pieces and putting the quilt together.

2. Every week, a link for the block of the week will be posted either on my blog or on Tammy's blog. The block is FREE to download for 1 week. After midnight on the following Tuesday (after the block posts), the block will no longer be free. No Exceptions! 

I get it, sometimes you get busy and you forget, or you are traveling or the dog ate your homework... Ok, well that one is actually true in my case! But we can't make exceptions. It is just not fair to the rest of the quilters.

3. After their "free" week, the blocks will be available on both Tammy's website and my website for $3.00. If you don't live in the US, keep in mind, that we don't sell off our websites to other countries so be sure you get that block while you can download it for free!

4. The last day to buy the blocks as single downloadable patterns is Wednesday May 15th. After that date, the blocks will only be available as part of the entire paper quilt pattern. The paper pattern will be available for $36.00. Then entire paper pattern is available at the start of the quilt along to purchase for $36.00.

5. Each week on Wednesday, one of us will do a blog post about the block and have a link to the PDF so you can download the block instructions. On the following Saturday, one of us will be doing a Facebook Live video giving some tips and tricks or just talking about the block. We will let you know each week in the blog post where to go to find those videos!

6. We are thrilled to have folks join our Adventure Quilt - A Road Trip Quilt Along. Please recognize that this is intended as an individual activity, and patterns are provided for INDIVIDUAL use only.  Please respect copyright (refer to the Copyright Statement for any questions) and do not share, reproduce or otherwise distribute pattern copies.  We appreciate your support in this matter.

7. If you want to share your progress with us on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to post on Instagram with the hashtags: #aroadtripquilt and #adventurequiltalong. If you want to tag us, use @tamarainis and @seamslikeadreamquilts. 

On Facebook, please post on either of our pages- seamslikeadreamquilts or tamarinis. We would love to see what fabrics you pick and your blocks as we move along!

8. So you don't miss any of the blog posts or the Facebook Live videos, sign up for our Adventure Quilt Along newsletter. You can find the sign up form on our websites. It will go out every Wednesday morning with a reminder and a link to that week's blog post.

9. Questions? Email Kate at info@seamslikeadream.com or Tammy at tamarinisquilts@gmail.com.