Designers Tips & Tricks Virtual Show


Programming Note - the Tips and Trick Virtual Show has been postponed a few days.  We'll have details out as soon as things are rescheduled!!

We had so much fun on the Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show, that we want to do it again!  This time, designers will be on Facebook Live with some of their favorite tips and tricks.  The Facebook line-ups are listed below.  Look for your favorite designers, check out somebody new - and Have Fun!!

  Day 1
12:00 Marija Vujcic
1:00 Becca Fenstermaker
2:00 Debbie Wendt
3:00 Jo Westfoot
4:00 Lisa Ruble
5:00 Marlene Oddie
6:00 Reed Johnson
7:00 Cherry Guidry
8:00 Ebony Love

Day 2
12:00 Tina Dillard
1:00 Annie Unrein
3:00 Patti Carey
4:00 Sarah Maxwell
5:00 Andi Stanfield
6:00 Laura Piland
7:00 Tammy Silvers
8:00 Terri Vanden Bosch

Day 3
12:00 Toni Smith
1:00 Kate Colleran
2:00 Marcea Owen
3:00 Epida Studio
4:00 Geeky Bobbin
5:00 Linda Sullivan
6:00 Kimie Tanner and Missy Winona
7:00 Simone Fisher
8:00 Swan Sheridan